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About Miriam 

Miriam's passion for birth work stems from the pregnancy and birth story of a dear sister in 1996. In those days, she did not know what the future would hold for her, only that she desired to be in the presence of those expecting. Fast forward to 2016 when she turned to look her calling in the eye and accept it, as she held space for an expecting loved one and prepared what would be her first placenta medicine.

Throughout the years, her calling has led her on the road to support ALL birthing bodies and All birthing outcomes, in a manner that honors their lineage, their wishes and their lives. Bringing with her unbiased, evidence based care, rooted in the ways of her own Ancestors (Zapotec/Meztiza) and other Innate traditions of this land. 

"I walk in this role of a Birth worker, humbly and wholeheartedly, honoring those that came before me, those here, and those whom will come to be".

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